Our Services

Polishing Marble, Granite, and Terrazzo Flooring. Marble, Terrazzo and Granite are commonly used on floors and require maintenance for aesthetics and to expand the life of the stone. The maintenance for these types of stone is to hone with diamond wheels to remove surface scratches and achieve a high polished finish. We never use synthetic polishes or finishes because these products damage the stone. If a synthetic finish is on the surface, we have to use harsh chemicals to remove them.

Concrete Floor Polishing:

Concrete polishing has been around for many years and is making a big comeback in today’s world.

For many years people thought they had to paint or epoxy coat their concrete floors to look good. Our company has been grinding and polishing concrete for many years and we know there are many stains available to die the concrete without a heavy coating that eventually will need to be ground off and reapplied periodically to keep a maintained look. This is not the case when concrete is naturally polished. You never have to grind your floors again. Once polished, or polished and stained, it is maintained with diamond wheels and a topcoat to protect it from stains.

Steam Cleaning:

Stone on the exterior of buildings is always in need of cleaning. C Restoration uses low-pressure steam instead of high-pressure water so the stone will not be damaged during the cleaning process.

Metal Polishing:

There are many types of metals that are cleaned, honed and polished. If the metal is on the exterior of a building, it could also be coated with lacquer for protection.